Customers are becoming increasingly aware of their energy costs and are looking at cost-effective solutions to not only make savings but to minimise their reliance on the grid.

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Key Benefits of Adding Storage

  • Your own power, secure & on-demand. A battery will store energy the PV system generates throughout the day, for later use.
  • Uninterrupted supply, even if the grid is down.
  • Lower energy bills from reducing reliance on the grid.
  • Environmentally friendly and self-reliant energy
  • Monitored systems mean you can visually see your energy consumption
  • Future-proofing your energy as we move into an era with increased demand
Types of Storage System


  • DC coupled storage is connected on the DC side of a PV system, directly between the PV modules and the inverter’s DC input.



  • An AC battery system will use an AC coupled inverter which acts in reverse of a normal inverter to help that battery store energy in DC.



  • Hybrid inverters combine many of the advantages offered by both AC and DC coupled storage into a flexible and cost-effective solution. By only combining the two systems, you can connect batteries on the DC side, but charge from the AC supply, giving greater flexibility.


Battery Storage Guides

We have a Battery Storage Guide to help you make the right choice for your next installation. Alongside that, we also have a handy Battery Compatibility Guide & Comparison Chart for quick references about different types of storage solutions.


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