Viridian Clearline 300W Mono All Black BIPV

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Roof Integrated solar PV – CLEARLINE Fusion

Why Choose Fusion?

  • Economical – price comparable with above-roof installation
  • Rapid – push-fit connections create weather-tight and secure fixing
  • Compact – industry leading panel spacing packs in more power
  • Sleek – invisible clamps for uncluttered aesthetic
  • Simple – no need for roof modifications
  • Robust – wind resistance is more than four times higher than competitor products
  • Universal – works with slate and tile

Clearline fusion PV16 solar PV panels for roof integration are available in a range of power output and styles.


Monocrystalline silicon solar cells are cut from a block of silicon that has been grown as a single crystal. This produces deep black cells with a very high degree of colour uniformity both across the panel and between different panels. We couple these cells with a black backing sheet and a black frame for the last word in high specification aesthetics. Available as a 270Wp panel (product code PV16-270) and 300Wp panel (product code PV16-300).

Supplier part Number: VIR-PV16-300