Tigo TS4 Retrofit Module – Optimised

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Enhance your system yield by adding Tigo power modules to only the modules that are affected by shading. Perfect as a low-investment option for getting the most from a roof. 

The Tigo solution allows monitoring and full optimisation. The products can be deployed either on individual modules or on the complete system. 

This version, the TS4-R-O, can be added to only the modules in an array that are shaded.

As an example if there are eight modules in total, and two are shaded, you could install 2 x TS4-R-O to overcome the shading. 


The TS4-R-O optimisers are connected to the Tigo portal using optional Gateway and Cloud Connect units. 

Applications for Tigo optimisers:   For residential systems where you have only 1 string per MPPT you can have 1 or more optimisers in a string – it is possible to optimise a couple of shaded panels and have a very cost effective increase in yield. This is not possible if you have 2 parallel strings into a single MPPT.   For commercial systems where you have 2 strings per MPPT you MUST have an optimiser on all the panels into the same MPPT. i.e. you cannot have paralleled strings which are selectively optimised. For example, this means you can have optimisers on just 1 of the 4 MPPT's with a quad tracker inverter provided that all modules on the tracker have optimisers

Please note currently only Optimised version is available.


Further information on the Tigo: https://www.tigoenergy.com/products/ 


replaced by:  TS4-A-O Tigo TS4 Add-On Module – Optimised