Solis 3.0kW 5G RAI Energy Storage AC Coupled battery charger / inverter

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5G Energy Storage Inverter

Leading Features

Natural cooling without external fan

Various work mode for different application scenarios

IP65 degree, applicable for different installation environments

Optional stand-alone mode ensures constant power supply for critical load

Available to integrate all renewable energy system including solar, wind, fuel cell etc

Advanced BMS to enhance the battery usage and guarantee the longer battery lifespan

Compatible with any existing grid-tied PV system, option to upgrade the current grid-tied system to a new battery storage system

Convenient real-time monitoring realized via wireless communication and intelligent debugging APP which support one-click inverter configuration

Please note certain documents are currently missing, these will be uploaded as soon as received from the manufacturer.

Please ensure you have the correct the SOLIS AC charger is connected on the AC side with a terminal block, not an AC plug.