Solis 10kW 3phase High Voltage Hybrid 5G Inverter

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This is the perfect three phase hybrid solution for medium to large houses and business use as well. 

Product features

        Phase Balance

  •          Support three phase imbalance

        Grid Support Functionality

  •          Time of use shifting and peak shaving capabilities to grid

        High Efficiency Design

  •          Maximum efficiency of 98.4%

        Integrated Energy Management

  •          Intelligent EMS function

        2 MPPT and 4 DC input: Max 26A DC input current


SA: View City of Cape Town's approved inverters here.

To obtain the rated back-up output power of the inverter, the recommended number of PowerCube batteries is 9 or more. Any battery voltage below 400Vdc would result in the inverter derating the output power. 
The calculation Vbatt x 25A = Output(W) would allow the inverters output power to be calculated based on the battery voltage.