Solax – Adapter Box G2 – Heat Pump Integration

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The SolaX Adapter Box G2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a heat pump equipped with a dry contact function, allowing for the integration of a photovoltaic inverter and energy management system. The inverter efficiently controls the Adapter Box, empowering users to optimize solar energy usage based on their preferences (grid power, battery capacity, time, etc.). By utilizing surplus solar energy and battery storage capacity, the heat pump can be powered to provide heating within the desired temperature range. Additionally, Adapted Box G2 could conduct analog output to achieve energy management with zero export. 

Remote control and setting

  • Wi-Fi network connection
  • Control Heat Pump output

Dual-control mode

  • Dry contact, 16 signals support
  • Analog output, Max. 15 steps setting

Various Heat Pump

  • SG Ready Heat Pump
  • Dry contact Heat Pump
  • Analog control Heat Pump

Solar efficiency

  • Optimize solar efficiency with Inverter (RS485 connect)

Schedule setting

  • Customize schedule to control

Supplier part Number: SOLAX-ADAPTERBOX-G2