Solarguard Adjustable Solar Spike Bird Deterrent – 130mm

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Solarguard is a unique solution that provides and long-lasting solution to prevent pigeons from gaining access underneath solar panels and featuring individually adjustable spikes to suit any roof shape.

The Solar Shield features a unique base shape, this spike removes the need to trim excess spike as the top of the base sits flush with the top of the solar panel and the stainless-steel spikes sit below.

It’s ideal for solar panels that do not have a lip on the underside for traditional mesh and clip solutions. Adjustability gives a lot of flexibility on the roof. Spikes are fixed to the array using Enviroguard’s Solar Speed Clips and adhesive backed strips.

  • Adjustable – The total spike length before trimming is 130mm and can be adjusted easily with a set of wire cutters.
  • Stainless steel spikes with a UV resistant polycarbonate base.
  • Simple to install on panels that do not have the traditional lip on the underside edge.
  • Ideal for installations on uneven roofs or profiled tin clad roofs.

Accessories: Solarguard requires fixing to install, use either 30mm or 35mm, depending on the frame depth of the modules on the roof.

Supplier part Number: EG-SPIKE-GUARD-130