SolarEdge Home Hot Water Controller, 3kW 

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SolarEdge Home Hot Water Controller – 3kW 



Maximizes self-consumption by storing excess solar energy as hot water

  • Integrates seamlessly with the complete SolarEdge Home ecosystem, offering a single source for warranty, support and training, to streamline logistics & operations.
  • Automatically adjusts power supplied to the heater, using any amount of available PV power (up to 5.0kW).
  • Wireless communication to the inverter using SolarEdge Home Network, reducing wiring, labor, and installation faults.
  • Built-in water tank power consumption meter.
  • Simple wall mount installation.
  • Suitable for powering purely resistive loads only.
  • Optional temperature sensor for optimized heating.

Supplier part Number: SMRT-HOT-WTR-30-S2