SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh Battery

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SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh Battery   Optimized for SolarEdge StorEdge with HD-Wave technology inverters. Integrates with the complete SolarEdge residential offering, providing a single point of contact for warranty, support, training, and simplified logistics & operations.

  • NMC 9.7kWh / 5kW Li-ion technology
  • DC coupling
  • Support up to 3 batteries per inverter for more power and capacity 100% depth of discharge
  • Superior system efficiency (PV> Battery> Grid)
  • Simple installation with plug & play:
  • Floor mounting or wall mounting
  • Automatic configuration with pre-defined settings
  • All SolarEdge solutions are managed by a single APP to optimize production, consumption and stored energy

Please refer to the other parts section and review any other products you may require for this installation. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note installers must be trained and certified in order to install this battery. Installer certification course is available in the Solar Edge Edge Academy.