SolarDek Tile Flash

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SolarDek TileFlash – Tile flashing solution for on-roof installations.

Innovative tile and cable flashing solution for flat tiles. Enables up to 4 cables to pass through the rubber tile as well as creating a cushion for the solar hook. Lower profile design also creates less tile lift when installed with the solar hook. 

Multi-Purpose flashing, for Rosemary and Flat Tile on-roof Solar mounting Installations


  • 4 cable entry ports provide waterproof and secure frictionless protection passage of DC cables through roof tiles and into loft space
  • TlieFlash is the size of a normal tile when fitted and ensures when the fitted component in position, replaces any removed tiles from the roof.
  • Polymer compound provide cushioned protection from pressures exerted on the roof hook during and post installation, protect tiles from cracking underneath.

Size: L – 250mm, W – 165mm, D – Min-10mm, Max-22mm

Warranty – 10 years 

Supplier part Number: TILEFLASH