Solar-Log 3 Phase Meter, MID, RS485 Current Transformer-connected

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A power meter relays the measured amount of power to the Solar-Log™ for analysis.

If you wish to consume the self-produced power from a PV plant, the meter serves as a consumption meter, displaying a comparison of the power produced and consumed.


The meter can be configured to operate with the Solar-Log™ in three different modes:


  1. Measuring power consumption for the optimal utilization of self-produced power.
  2. Measuring the total amount of power that has been fed into the grid.
  3. Measuring the power production from inverters that are not directly supported by Solar-Log


This is the CT version of the PRO380 energy meter. 

Use the Solar-Log CTs with this meter; rated from 100-500A. 

Solar Log Article Number: 256059

Supplier part Number: S-LOG-METER-3PH