Single 7.4kW socketed BusinessLine charger, Satellite

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The fourth generation of EVBox BusinessLine has been designed to make it easier than ever to install and maintain an EV charging network.

Durable, weatherproof design combined with the latest integrated security protections and leakage detection.

Always on – built in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity means you can track and manage your charging stations, receive automatic firmware upgrades and earn money from your guest charging sessions.

EVBox’s Hub-Satellite configuration manages the charging of up to 20 charging points.

  • IP55/IK08 shockproof, vandal resistant housing
  • Customisable – three colours of cover (ordered separately) and label printing on request
  • Built in RCBO and 6mA DC leakage protection
  • WiFi and cellular connection
  • Integrated MID-certified kWh meter
  • Connects to charging management platforms such as Hey EV Box and GeniePoint to set tariffs for public charging
  • Wall and pole mounting
  • Single phase 32A and three phase 16A and 32A input models available
  • Authorisation via autostart, keyfob, RFID card or QR Code (on request)
  • OCPP 1.6 J communication protocol
  • Compatible with Smappee for dynamic load balancing
Please note: covers must be ordered separately

Supplier part Number: EVBOX-BL-7.4-SS-SAT