Series Connection Expansion Battery 5.7kWh M48112-S for STORION-T30

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 Batteries to be used with All In One Cabinet Alpha ESS Storion T30 Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage System.


Complete Storion T30 System consist of 2 parts complete system and M48112-S batteries seperate

  • Storion-T30 3phase Inverter with Cabinet
  •  With HV900112 Battery Management System 
  • With EMS Module – Energy Management System Module 
  • With energe meters and CTS

Storion T30 Commercial and Industrial series 3phase AC Coupled Storage Inverter with Cabinet and built-in BMS.

Alpha ESS M48112-S battery modules must be used with Alpha Storion T30 3phase All-In-One AC Coupled Storage inverter. Between 5x and 12x M48112-S battery modules can connected in Series offering between 28.5kWh and 68.4kWh of storage capacity.

MIN of 5 x M48112-S in series needs to be used with Storion T30


Supplier part Number: ALPH-M48112-S