Q.HOME CORE Q.SAVE Battery module 6.8 kWh

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 Q.HOME CORE Q.SAVE B6.8S. Extension Battery module.

  • Battery nominal capacity: 6,8 kWh Usable battery capacity: 6,51 kWh
  • EASY INSTALLATION Equipment design emphasizing improved simplicity of installation
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY Competitive round-trip efficiency all-around system
  • DYNAMIC OPTIMISER MODE Algorithm maximises energy yields by incorporating real-time weather information
  • SCALABLE BATTERY Scalable battery from 6.8kWh, 13.7kWh and 20.5kWh to suit specific energy consumption
  • ATS-FREE SEAMLESS CONTROL Seamless operation mode conversion for continuous and stable backup without ATS on both circumstances, grid fault and restoration
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY Fully wrapped 15-year product and performance warranty
  • ENHANCED RELIABILITY Excellent system reliability with Samsung SDI battery cells
  • Pertection degree / class: IP65

Supplier part Number: Q.HOME-BAT-B6.8S