PVC Coated Solar Mesh – 1M Lengths

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Manufactured from hot dipped galvanized mesh then pvc coated for additional protection and to add the black colour. Ideal for use in screening solar panels to prevent feral pigeons from accessing the underside of solar panels

  • Pre cut 1M Sheets of PVC Coated Galvanized Welded Mesh 1000×200 wide 25 mm X 12.5mm openings 1.5G
  • This mesh is the correct size to fit our solar panel mesh clips (SOLARGUARDCLIP)
  • Handy 200mm x 1M sheets, saves time and cost in cutting down wider rolls of mesh
  • The solar panel mesh clip holds the weld mesh securely against the solar panel to deter pigeon entry
  • Hot dipped galvanized wire then pvc coated in black for additional protection and to add black colour

Mesh Size: 25mm X 12.5mm Width: 200mm   Length: 1M

To purchase whole pack of 30, please see: EG-BIRD-MESH-1M-30

Supplier part Number: EG-BIRD-MESH-1M