PROTEUS 3P+N RCD 80A Type A 30mA

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Introducing the Proteus 3P+N RCD 80A Type A 30mA – a pinnacle in electrical safety. Manufactured by Proteus, this Residual Current Device (RCD) offers impeccable protection against earth faults, ensuring the integrity of your solar setup. With a 80A rating and Type A sensitivity, it's tailored for solar applications, detecting even small leakage currents as low as 30mA. Elevate your solar system's safety with the reliability of Proteus technology, providing a robust defense against electrical faults for a seamless solar experience.  

  • Rated current: 80A
  • Rated voltage: 230/400Vac
  • No. of poles: 4
  • Operating characteristics: Type A
  • Mounting: Din rail

Supplier part Number: ELB-80A-3PH-30MA