Panasonic HIT N Series 295W Black Frame Hybrid (SJ46)

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With a solar system, your customers are making a long-term and high value investment, and the quality of the modules is of great impact. Choose a renowned brand that will give you a reliable guarantee and which you can trust. The Panasonic HIT® technology is highly efficient and produces more power per square meter than traditional products – up to 28%* more. This means that you will need fewer modules on your roof to accomplish very high performance.

The N295 features a reduced module length designed specifically for the European residential and commercial rooftop markets.

Compact size
Best fit in portrait for small roofs

Improved shading performance
Featuring 4 shading zones instead of 3

Unique water drainage
On each corner for an improved self-cleaning

*As compared to the average efficiency of 120 different modules on the European market; benchmark values for selected solar modules according to manufacturers' catalogues, December 2009


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