Panasonic HIT KURO Series 330W All Black Hybrid (KJ01)

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Powerful and aesthetic, designed to make any roof look great.

Panasonic HIT® KURO is the brand new all-black module which features a high module efficiency of 19.7%, an industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /°C and a sleek design.

The HIT® KURO introduces the next generation of the HIT® solar module frame with 40 mm thickness. It can withstand a wind and snow load of 5400 Pa and is officially cleared for short-side clamping. This new generation retains Panasonic’s unique water drainage corners at glass level, ensuring a better self-cleaning of the module and a better long-term performance due to minimised soiling and accumulation of dust.

By investing in the HIT® KURO, house owners can maximize their energy yield due to the low temperature coefficient of only -0.258 %/°C. Even at high temperatures, the HIT® solar cell can maintain higher efficiency than a conventional crystalline silicon solar cell. This is particularly relevant for “all-black” modules, where heat absorption is greater. The HIT® KURO delivers best-in-class performance when most electricity is generated, in summer. This is particularly relevant in hot climates.

With 330W of power, this 96-cell module reaches a nominal efficiency of 19.7%.