MC4-Evo2 Industrial LOCATOR ONLY

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PV-LOC-C (32.6056) EVO2 locator for industrial (professional) use with Staubli Crimping pliers PV-CZM and MC4-EVO2 inserts.    Staubli pliers are suited for the processing of high numbers of pieces and can be adjusted to the product to be processed with the help of changeable locators and crimp inserts.   Crimp cycles: 50 000 cycles after which new individual crimp inserts can be bought as spare parts.        Part code: PV-LOC-C 32.6056   This only works with EVO2 connectors. It Requires correct  MC4-EVO2-CRIMP-INSERT (PV-ES-CZM-41100) inserts and PV-CZM pliers (not sold separately) to work!