LG Chem 7kW HV Li Battery – S/Edge RS485 (400V BMS)

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The RESU Lithium Battery is a compact and lightweight solution. It is designed to be wall-mounted and, because of its IP55 rating, can be installed in temperate outdoor locations if shielded from direct sunlight and rain. 

Maximum Charge / Discharge power of the battery is 3.5W (LG Chem recommends 2.1kW for maximum battery life)

Peak DISCHARGE power is 5kW (for 10 seconds maximum) only possible with certain charger inverters. 

The high voltage RESU batteries operate at over 400V DC and must only be used with compatible chargers. This particular product is Type R and uses RS-485 communication. It is compatible only with the SolarEdge StorEdge range and Huawei Fusion Home inverter (compatibility to be finalised soon). 

"Please note that in order to receive full warranty for LG Chem RESU HV battery when installed in combination with Huawei inverter, a registration letter has to be filled in and sent back to LG Chem. The letter is available HERE."

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