Jinko 320W Cheetah Mono PERC MAXIM Cell Optimised Smart Silver frame MC4

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MONO CRYSTALLINE Cheetah PERC All Black MODULE  Maxim Power Optimized


Output-Voltage Limiting

Integrated Maxim chip is capable of limiting module output Voltage and Current, which makes system design easier

Shade Tolerance

MPPT on individual cell-strings optimizes energy harvest

Built-in Cell Optimizer

No additional electronics or hardware required; allows for simple installation


Limited power degradation of Eagle module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under strict testing condition (85 ?/85%RH, 96hours) for mass production.

Low-Light Performance

Advanced glass technology improves light absorption and retention.


Comes supplied with Staubli MC4 connectors. 


See this detailed whitepaper document written by Jinko that full explains the benefits of this exiting technology.

And see this comparison of the performance of Jinko Maxim compared to a standard module.



Find out how the Maxim Integrated Jinko solar module works with this free download:

Download the Jinko MX white paper and learn about Maxim Integrated modules








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