Huawei 3.68kW HV hybrid storage inverter L1

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Huawei Fusion Home SUN2000L1 – 3/ 3.68 / 5 / 6KTL

The Smart Energy Controller (SUN2000- 3 / 3.68 / 5 / 6KTL-L1) is Huawei new single-Phase inverter and is direct compatible with their own Huawei Luna battery

SUN2000-3/ 3.68/ 5KTL-L1 Inverters are fully compatible with Huawei Optimisers

Note: Huawei Optimisers are also available, please contact your account manager for details.

Product Features

  • Direct compatible with Luna battery and is Plug and Play and no extra devices is needed
  • AI Self leaning new arc detection
  • Is compatible with the optimizer
  • Simple commissioning by APP
  • Auto-detection of system equipment
  • Registering your plant by scanning any device
  • Energy Flow illustration
  • Real-time data at anytime and anywhere
  • Performance data back-up
  • Physical & logical module layout
  • Module -level performance monitoring
  • Smart I-V Diagnosis
  • Smart dongle Plug and Play (LAN or 4G dongle available)
  • Smart dongle support up to 10 inverters
  • IP65

Can be installed without batteries as 'battery ready'

Max 3 batteries per inverter