GivEnergy Commercial Storage



Scalable Commercial Storage 65kW – 192kW – Price on Application

GivEnergy commercial storage solutions offer a huge range of sizes and control options. All systems are bespoke – made to match the customers’ needs and offer containerised solutions for grid services.

This is a modular scalable commercial storage system built around a 30kW, 50kW or 100kW 3-phase inverter. Each inverter is racked with a 64kWh battery system. The use of modular battery packs (9.6kWh) that use the latest in LiFePO4?prismatic cell technology with a plug and play design makes scaling the system to the perfect capacity simple. It can be monitored and controlled using the energy management system on the GivEnergy platform with additional monitoring points available to integrate and produce more specific data e.g., on-site renewable energy generation.

To start the formal quotation process, please contact your Segen account manager or email and complete the GivEnergy Commercial form. From a completed submission we would aim to provide a quotation within 48 Hours of receipt

This quotation can then be added to the Segen Design Tool to enable you to complete the rest of your system. 

  • All quotations are inclusive of UK mainland kerbside delivery and on-site commissioning, unless stated otherwise.
  • On-site commissioning consists of population of battery packs into battery racking, connection of interconnecting DC and data cabling between battery packs and from battery rack(s) to PCS.
  • A quotation will be sent via email valid for a period of 90 days from creation, this will be supplied with an indication of lead time which begins upon payment of deposit.
  • It may be requested that GivEnergy visit the site or complete substantial preparation work prior to a quotation being provided, in some circumstances payment may be required for this service which may be deductible from the order, should it be completed.

Please see following link for points of considerations which need to be made for; GivEnergy Considerations

Supplier part Number: GIV-COMMERCIAL-STORAGE