GivEnergy Battery cable for Gen 1 to Gen 2 or Gen 3

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The GivEnergy Gen 2 range uses a new 'all in one' type connector which is in contrast to Generation 1 that uses ring terminals. 

When connecting a Generation 1 product to a Generation 2 product you must ensure the correct cables are used due to to the differing connection ports.

If you connect a Generation 1 hybrid to a Generation 2 battery (or a Gen 2 hybrid with a Gen 1 battery) you must use GIV-BAT-CAB-G1-G2 (G1 to G2 interface)

When connecting a Generation 2 product to a Generation 2 product you can use GIV-BAT-CAB-G2-G2 (G2 to G2 interface)

When connectioing Generation 1 batteries to Generation 3 inverters you can use either GIV-BAT-CAB-G1-G2 or GIV-BC-LP-G

Supplier part Number: GIV-BAT-CAB-G1-G2