GivEnergy – All In One – Gateway ONLY Technical Lab Unit



GivEnergy – All In One – Gateway

By purchasing the additional Giv-Gateway, the All in One can provide whole house backup in the event of a power failure.

The Giv-Gateway provides seamless switching between grid and battery ensuring that your property is always powered. Giv-Gateway also facilitates a connection point for your solar PV system by allowing it to continue to generate energy even without a grid supply

Grid Services Ready

Energy suppliers and aggregators are offering payments for end users that can reduce their electrical consumption at certain times.

Pre-installed EM115 Meter

Quicker and simpler system installation, which reduces the number of individual mounted components needed

20ms Switchover Time

Uniterrupted supply in the event of a power failure, to ensure all critical loads are stable.

Built-in LoRa

Uses Radio frequency to transmit the Grid meter data back to the inverter, which allows the system to be installed remotely without a cable.


Note: This product requires main AIO unit GIV-AIO-13.5 to work. 
Gateway Free of Charge when bought in a package together with GIV-AIO-13.5 unit. 

Supplier part Number: GIV-AIO-GATEWAY