Garo PME FAULT Detection Connection UNIT

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Protection against electric shock in a single-phase installation is provided by a device which electrically disconnects the vehicle from the live conductors of the supply and from protective earth. PME (Protective Multiple Earthings) Units are designed to disconnect the Phase, Neutral & Earth in the event of a PME Fault, and eliminates the need for an earth rod.

  • Rated current 40A
  • Rated voltage 230 V AC
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Conditional Short Circuit (Icc): 16kA rms at 250V
  • Main Device 40A RCBO Type A
  • Additional Devices PME Fault detection
  • Operation 207V – 253V (4 seconds)
  • Degree of protection IP40
  • Height (H) 235mm, Width 161mm, Depth 110mm
  • Ambient temperature (C) -25 to +55
  • Terminal size – 25mm
  • Total number of ways – 6
  • Material – Metal
  • Standard EN 61439-3, Compliance with BS 7671
  • Warranty (Mechanical Components) 5 Years, Warranty (Electronic Components) 2 Years