Front and back of the box base (thickness1mm)

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The GSE GROUND SYSTEM has been designed to allow the installation of 95% of photovoltaic modules on the ground. Its robustness and its material guarantee makes it a perfectly designed product for a quick and reliable execution.

Alternative to roof installations (lack of space, old roof, etc.).

  • Solves space problems:
  • > Installation in portrait and not landscapefor space reduction Suitable for all gardens > No problem with the height of the lawn , facilitates the mowing 
  • Compatible with all module sizes
  • Easy attachment of micro-inverters or optimizers 3
  • Easy and safe to install > Ballasting possible with all types of materials > No work on the roof. Compact and lightweight format
  • 100 % recyclable 
  • Optional mounting plate for use of a protective box at the rear of the system. 

The system is less than 1.80 m high, so no administrative formalities are required for itsimplementation.   MODULE SIZES ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE SEGEN OR GSE DESIGN TOOLS WHEN CHOOSING CORRECT FRAMES FOR YOUR MODULE!