Force H2 BMS with base and cables (FC0500M-40S-V2)

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The new Force-H2 BMS from Pylontech (MPN FC0500M-40) is a control unit of the latest generation that protects each battery module of the Force-H2 series from adverse conditions while ensuring safe and trouble-free continuous operation. It is irrelevant how many memory modules are in use at the same time. What is important is that one BMS is always used per tower. A tower consists of at least 2 to a maximum of 4 Force-H2 3.55 kWh battery modules, which can result in a storage capacity of 7.1-14.2 kWh.

Pylontech's long proven communication protocol is directly supported by a wide range of inverters. A compatibility list for Pylontech with over 30 brands and companies can be found as under the Documents tab! (Pylontech Compatibility List)

Paralleling Pylon Force H2 and L2 version 2 (not parallelable with V1). 

Supplier part Number: PYL-F-H2-BMU-BASE-V2