FireFighter® LSZH 430Series Multi-Pair 22awg TIA-485 Control Cables 600 Volts

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Cable Design

This cable is cut to length, if you order 10 pieces, you will receive a 10m cable run.

Conductor Stranded tinned copper wire AWG 22

Insulation Polyethylene (PE) Pair identification Chart 5

Formation Pairs

Screen Overall Aluminium/Polyester tape

Drain Wire 22awg tinned copper wire

Braid Tinned copper wire braid, 65% covergae

Outer Jacket LSZH FireFighter® SHF-1 Colour Grey RAL 7001

Rated Voltage 600 V

Temperature Range -20˚C up to +90˚C

Supplier part Number: RS485-DOUBLE-1M-IQ