Bird Deterrent 30m Solar Panel Bird Exclusion Kit (Galvanized Mesh)

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30m Solar Panel Bird Exclusion Kit

Galvanized mesh to prevent bird nesting 

Use this kit to prevent pigeons and other birds seeking shelter and roosting underneath solar panels. Enviroguard Bird Mesh is more permanent and safer than nylon pigeon netting in which birds can get trapped when it degrades. The initial outlay is balanced out by lower maintenance costs as it's easier to remove and refit during routine inspections. 



  • Recommended by Pest Control Experts
  • Prevents birds nesting 


  • 30 Meter Galvanised Solar Panel Weld Mesh Roll
  • 60 Solar Panel Mesh Clips
  • 1 Standard Wire Cutter
  • 1 Pack Stainless Steel Corner Ties


Keywords: Birds, Nesting, Bird Mesh



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