Enphase IQ7A 60/72 cell MC4 Inegrated Microinverter 230VAC.

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This new IQ7A micro inverter can work with 60 and 72 cell solar panels up to peak power of 366VA  

Product Features:

  • Most Powerful Enphase Microinverter on the market with high power output of 366VA
  • The IQ7+ has a power rating of 295VA making the IQ7A the better choice
  • Lower clipping losses resulting in higher net energy availability
  • The higher the PV module rate, the wider the difference between IQ7+ and IQ7A making the IQ7A the ultimate microinverter
  • It is noteworthy that clipping losses with IQ7A is almost zero until 500Wp
  • Easy to install and light weight
  • Built-in rapid shutdown
  • Optimized for high powered 60 and 72 cell modules
  • Class 11 double insulated IP67 enclosure
  • Smart Grid ready

Supplier part Number: EN-IQ7A-72-M-INT