Easee One 7.4kW

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Easee One is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles, power voltages and mains. The Charging Robot will automatically detect whether the car supports 3-phase or not. There is no need to think about technical specifications, the Easee One always adapts to the car’s needs and delivers the maximum power available at your home.  

This product includes a Backplate, Chargeberry and Black Cover.

UK Only

Important Information

In order for a charge point to be installed and be compliant we require the following:

  • The Easee Installer App MUST be used to install all Easee charge points from the 30th of June.
  • The Easee Installer and User Apps MUST be up to date by running version 1.4.7 (the version number is the same for both Installer and User Apps).
  • Easee charge points cannot be configured and commissioned using the local WiFi interface
  • Installers must complete the Easee installer training via the Easee website to validate the warranty and claim the commercial OZEV grant click HERE


Please note this product is discounted as it is not fitted with tamper detection so does not comply with the latest UK Electric Vehicle (Smart Charge Point) Regulations 2021.



Supplier part Number: EZI-ONE-7