Alpha STORION T30 30kW Three Phase AC Coupled Battery Inverter with cabinet

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Alpha Storion T-30 Li-Ion Battery Storage System: 

The Complete System. 

Storion T30 Commercial and Industrial series 3phase AC Coupled Storage Inverter with Cabinet and built-in BMS.

The T30 inverter can be matched with between 5 and 12 Alpha ESS battery modules connected in Series offering between 28.5kWh and 68.4kWh of storage capacity and up to 30kW of charge and discharge power.This all in one cabinet. 

AC coupled design means its perfect for any new or retrofit Commercial site.


  • Storion-T30 3phase Inverter with Cabinet
  • HV900112 Battery Management System (BMS) – built-in to the cabinet
  • EMS Module – Energy Management System Module – energy meter – built in to the cabinet
  • 2 X AC Meters (ALPH-ADL3000-CT) required, please order separately
  • Cloud monitoring Via Alpha Cloud (see cloud monitoring manual under documents) 
  • IP21 Rating
  • 3 Year product and 10 Year performance warranty


  • Min 5 batteries required ( for max power 7 x battery modules reqiured)
  • Max 12 batteries ( all in one cabinet) 
  • 6000 cycles on batteries
  • 90% DOD



Not certified in Republic of Ireland. 


M48112-S 5.7kWh Battery Modules are required – To be purchased separately

2 x ALPH-ADL3000-CT meters are required – to be purchased separately.