Alpha ESS SmileB3 Battery Extension Accessory Pack

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Alpha ESS SmileB3 Extension Accessory Pack:

A Single Extension Pack System.

Extension pack: used to extend your Alpha ESS SmileB3 battery system. The pack contains battery brackets and longer connection cables. 

One Extension Pack per System is required, regardless of how many additional batteries are used.  

To be used with SmileB3 with M4856-P 2.9kWh battery 


Not suitable for Alpha Smile5 with M4856-P 2.9kWh battery.  For the Smile5 version, use part number ALPH-BAT-2.9-EXT


  • One-Pack System


  • Contains battery brackets
  • Contains longer connection cables


Keywords: Alpha, ESS, Battery Pack, Battery Solution 


Supplier part Number: ALPH-BAT-EXT