3 Phase Connection Unit with 3x32A 1PH Type A RCBO

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Dedicated connection unit with built in O-PEN technology which allows for the connection of 3 x 32A three phase EV charge point to the existing PME earthing facility.

The unit incorporates a 5 pole isolator with built-in shunt trip which disconnects all poles including CPC in the event of a fault, manually resettable in line with BS:7671:2018, amendment 1:2020, regulation 722.411.4.1 (iii)

The O-PEN technology does not require earth rods or measuring electrodes to function correctly.

  • Standard mild steel IP4X enclosure
  • Phase loss protection
  • Built in 5 pole mains isolator with manually resettable shunt trip
  • Simple wire in wire out connection
  • Standard 1 year parts warranty
  • With 3 x 32A double pole Type A RCBO
Please note Installation Manual is currently missing. It will be added as soon as available from the manufacturer. 

Supplier part Number: MATT-EV-3-32-R