0.7kW Mini S6 Single Tracker with DC isolator (No Export Limitation)

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Note: SOL-0.7-MINI-S6-EU-DC Without Export Limitation Function. 

The All New Solis Mini S6 Series Grid-tie Inverter. Compact and lightweight design, for easy installation. Fanless, minimal noise, producing less than 20 dBA. Compatible with high-efficiency modules and bi-facial modules.

Product Features

  • Super high frequency switching technology with maximum efficiency of 96.6%
  • Max PV Power of 1.1kW
  • DRM (Demand Response Mode) integrated and backflow power control function for smart grid requirements.
  • Wide voltage range – Ultra low start-up voltage of 60V and max PV input voltage of 600V
  • Intergrated Export Power Manager (EPM)
  • Integrated AFCI (DC arc-fault circuit protection)
  • Integrated DC switch for emergency shut-down of PV power or safe PV maintenance
  • 5-year standard warranty

Note: This inverter can be reduced in power with the agreement of the energy supplier in order to comply with possible regulations of a balcony power plant in your country. For this purpose, the document "Manufacturer Power Limit Declaration" issued by Solis (filed under Documentation) must be completed and sent to that energy supplier. In addition, please note that the inverter is connected with at least 2.5 mm² in the distribution. Please refer to the corresponding manual when setting up the inverter.

Supplier part Number: SOL-0.7-MINI-S6-EU-DC