Operation and Maintenance

Segen recognises that as the UK solar PV market matures, our customers have an increasing role in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of existing solar assets.

Inverter Replacement Scheme

If you are replacing an out-of-warranty inverter and can provide us with your serial number, we will apply an additional 5% discount to a replacement Solis or Huawei inverter or hybrid-inverter.  This offer applies regardless of the make or model of the original inverter, or where you initially purchased it from.  Our online Design Tool will help you size your replacement.

Module Range

Our Jinko Maxim modules are individually optimised and therefore work independently of other modules in the string.  This means they can be used alongside other modules which may now be out of circulation, without risk of mismatch.

Segen also carries a wide range of discontinued modules, all heavily reduced and potentially suitable for replacements.  Contact us to register for a trade account to see our clearance products.

Warranty Extensions

Many of Segen’s range of inverters, solar PV modules, battery storage and EV charge points have optional warranty extensions available to purchase via our portal.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team of in-house Technical Support are on hand to assist with product replacement enquiries both pre and post-sale.

Open a Segen trade account now to view our full range of products.