GivEnergy 3-phase

An easy, ideal stepping stone into the lucrative substantial home / small commercial market.

GivEnergy’s 3-phase product line is here and ready for you to get your hands on. This new range represents a prime opportunity to enter both the substantial home and small commercial market – without the usual project complexity.

Benefits of GivEnergy’s new 3-phase range:

  • Offers a discharge rate of 11kW
  • Seamlessly connects solar PV, storage battery, and home
  • In-built WiFi
  • Easy plug and play installation and on / off grid phase balancing

Benefits of the GivEnergy stackable battery:

  • Offers between 10-20kWh of usable energy
  • Built with ease of expansion in mind – scalable and customisable
  • Use 3-6 batteries per stack to create the ideal power setup for the property
  • Combines power with flexibility

High-voltage. High reward.

If you’re not already exploring 3-phase systems, now is the time. The appetite for 3-phase in the UK is growing – and the rewards are attractive.

As they increasingly electrify, modern households – especially larger homes – are more power-hungry than ever. Meanwhile, smaller businesses are always looking for means to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. (Without always, that is, wanting to commit to a full commercial battery storage setup.)

So, there is a rapidly growing market of UK customers primed for 3-phase. These customers need more than a single-phase domestic battery system, but less than a large-scale commercial system. It’s a ripe, affluent market for you as an installer.

An ideal stepping stone

Let’s look more closely from an installation perspective. This 3-phase system represents an ideal stepping stone into the high-profit commercial market.

Comprising your typical battery plus inverter setup, this system is just as easy to install as a typical domestic battery storage system. And, as with any GivEnergy system, the technology is designed with easy plug and play connections:

  • Tool-less battery connections
  • Tool-less wago AC connections
  • Tool-less PV and comms connections
  • No-screw terminals, with simple push-fit connections
  • Fast, fuss-free install within a couple of hours

This system couldn’t be easier to install and its higher power capacity perfectly serves the more lucrative end of the market.

In short: GivEnergy’s 3-phase range promises more power, more profits.


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