Huawei is a leading global ICT and network energy solution provider, with an established presence in solar markets worldwide.

Huawei Solar provides new generation string inverters with smart management technology to create a fully digitalised Smart PV Solution called FusionSolar®. FusionSolar® is smart, safe, reliable and consistently delivers higher yields, making Huawei the preferred choice for customers globally. 80,000 of Huawei’s 180,000 employees work in R&D and during the past decade over US$45 billion has been invested in product innovations, always driven by customer needs.

Huawei is Solar Intelligence with Strings Attached:

  • A truly local service with global reach
  • A smart pv solution that works in all conditions
  • Inverters that are always available for highest yields

For more information about FusionSolar® please visit: www.huawei.com/solar

Segen currently stock a full range of HUAWEI SUN2000 string inverters and Smart Logger monitoring units, for suitable for commercial and utility scale applications.

Listed below are all the products supplied by Segen.

Product codeCategoriesName
HUA-SL-1000Datalogger, Display, HuaweiHuawei Smart Logger 1000
HUA-SL-2000Datalogger, Display, HuaweiHuawei Smart Logger 2000
HUA-SL-1000ADatalogger, Display, HuaweiHuawei Smart Logger 1000 A
SUN2000-60KTL-M0Huawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 60KTL-M0 60kW 3phase inverter (no LCD)
SUN2000-36KTLHuawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 36KTL 36kW 3phase inverter (no LCD)
SUN2000-33KTL-AHuawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 33KTL-A 30kW 3 phase inverter (no LCD)
SUN2000L-3.6KTLHuawei, Hybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsHuawei 3.6kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-3KTLHuawei, Hybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsHuawei 3kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-4KTLHuawei, Hybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsHuawei 4kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-5KTLHuawei, Hybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsHuawei 5kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000P-375WHuawei, Optimiser, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000P 375W Smart PV Optimizer
SUN2000-12KTLHuawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 12KTL 12kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000-17KTLHuawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 17KTL 17kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000-20KTLHuawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 20KTL 20kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000-60KTLHuawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 60KTL 60kW 3phase inverter (no LCD)
SUN2000-8KTLHuawei, Main Unit, PV InverterHuawei SUN2000 8KTL 8kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000L-2KTLHuawei, Hybrid Inverter, Storage SystemsHuawei 2kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SMART-PSB2000LHuawei, PV Inverter, Safety and MonitoringHuawei Smart PV Safety Box 2000L
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