Hoppecke specialises in the development of new technology and services for the storage of energy. Today they are the largest European owned manufacturer of solar batteries, systems and chargers. 

As a leading supplier of deep cycle battery solutions for solar power systems, Hoppecke offer customers a range of batteries for solar powered applications.

Hoppecke’s sun | powerpack classic is a Deep Cycle Gel Lead battery with ESS-technology and is based on the proven lead technology combined with an appealing and up-to-date design.

The sun | powerpack classic offers many benefits for the installer and user. Installing and servicing of the system is even simpler and low maintenance. Additionally, it is the first choice for price-oriented and environmentally conscious customers due to the unit being easily recyclable.

There are many aspects to selecting a battery system and we recommend you read our guides to System Types and Storage Batteries to better understand this technology.

If you want to find out more about Hoppecke, and it’s range of photovoltaic products, you can view their Sun Powerpack Brochure, watch an excellent Installation Video.

Segen offer different sized Hoppecke solar battery options for PV system flexibility.

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