GSE Integration solar mounting solutions.

GSE Integration – Unique Mounting Solutions

From beautiful in-roof solar PV to one-of-a-kind ground mount systems that don’t require plant machinery, GSE Integration has unique solutions that you need in your portfolio.

GSE are leaders in roof-integrated photovoltaic panel systems

The GSE BIPV system is simple, lightweight, watertight, and economical.

The kit can be installed in portrait or landscape on small installations (less than 3 kWp) and large ones (several hundred kWp).

This 100% waterproof system is designed and manufactured in France and extremely resistant to high wind and snow loads. It fits with any type of roofing material, and the latest generation modules are compatible.

GSE have created a unique no-pile ground mount system

Cost efficient, quick to install, compatible with all modules and as easy to construct as IKEA furniture.

This unique solution is ideal for gardens, agriculture, and small-scale commercial and the best thing is that it doesn’t require plant machinery to pile-drive, instead it uses ballast – making it the most cost-effective way to install small-scale systems. 

Read much more about GSE’s product range on the Segen customer portal.

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