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Introducing GivEnergy’s New 7kW EV Charger

A new adaptive EV charger that can charge from the grid, renewable sources, and battery storage.

Completing the ecosystem, the recently launched GivEnergy 7kW EV charger has been well received in the industry and end users alike with reports of some GivEnergy system owners swapping out existing chargers to create a one-brand system. This holistic approach has allowed them to benefit from a single monitoring app where the PV, battery and EV can be viewed on the same platform.

Unlike most mains chargers, the Giv 7kW has been built with flexibility in mind as it can adapt to take power from various sources such as the grid, solar, wind, and batteries, and at the EV owners preferred times as it’s compatible with smart tariffs like Fixed Time of Use (ToU) that permits users to schedule charging during off-peak hours.

Also, for customers with flexible tariffs, the innovative company is working together with energy providers to establish a direct API with the EV charger which will enable the charger’s intelligent algorithms to autonomously adjust charging patterns to take advantage of the most cost-effective energy tariffs in real-time.

Special Features:

    • Inbuilt algorithms prime the system to automatically take advantage of cheap rates, as and when prices drop.
    • Designed to future-proof charging for electric vehicle owners as GivEnergy is committed to advancing the capabilities of its EV charger. Regular updates and enhancements will further enhance its intuitive features, keeping customers at the forefront of energy technology innovation.
    • Users can schedule their charging sessions during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower and greener.
    • EV owners can charge their vehicles reliably even during power outages, providing uninterrupted mobility and peace of mind for EV owners, regardless of their location.
    • It can be installed on its own, alongside a solar system or with a GivEnergy battery system.

In summary, GivEnergy’s new EV charger pioneers a path towards clean and convenient transportation. By empowering customers with flexibility and choice, it propels the adoption of electric vehicles, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

In short

• Compact: Sleek, compact design for installation in tight places.

• Durable: Tough enough to live indoors or outdoors – rain or shine.

• Smart: Wi-Fi integrated and App-controlled.

• Plug and Play: Fast and easy installation.

• App Controlled: Monitor and control the vehicle’s charge via the GivEnergy Monitoring Portal and App.


Technical Specifications:

• Power Output Rating: 7kW/32A AC

• Dimensions: 288 x 260 x 112 mm

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