GivEnergy Gives

GivEnergy Gives

GivEnergy has technology to power homes and business’s cheaply and sustainably.

When it comes to energy storage, GivEnergy gives you everything you need to design a system to suit every scenario. From small home batteries to full commercial systems, to AC, Hybrid, single and three phase inverters and on to the system management software and nifty accessories like smart plugs.

What you might not know about is that GivEnergy are British owned – based in Stoke – with a UK based support team (call 01377 252874, and even a chat function on their website here>>

Also, their batteries are cobalt free with a 10-year warranty, the inverters have a five-year warranty and together communicate seamlessly, all working together with the Octopus Agile green tariff with Plunge pricing, which you can find out more about that here>>

GivEnergy Approved Installer roundel

Earn Yourself a Badge!

By becoming a GivEnergy Approved Installer and then get access to further training on exciting new products like the All-in-One. 

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GivEnergy Guide

There’s a quick one-page guide available on the Segen portal to the GivEnergy range for you (and your customers) that Giv-es you (and them) an overview and no better reason to Giv it your all! Ok, we’ll stop now.

Also, you can find the GivEnergy brochure, technical datasheets, and a whole host of other documents on the portal product pages.