Free Delivery on GivEnergy Storage

On all orders that include a GivEnergy storage system.

There’s no better time to take advantage of the recent change in VAT on storage with this new deal – no delivery costs on all orders of GivEnergy batteries that include GivEnergy inverters!

ZERO Delivery Fees

This limited-time-offer of zero delivery charges will be applied to eligible orders that are delivered before the 1st June 2024.

What is an eligible order?
An order that includes a storage system.
What’s a storage system?
A GivEnergy battery and a GivEnergy inverter.

Open to Segen customers – not got an account with us yet?

Head to the Contact Us page to send an enquiry and we’ll get back to you asap.

There are a few ways to place your orders:
1. Use the Segen Design Tool to create a system design and select GivEnergy devices
2. Browse the GivEnergy range on the Segen customer portal and choose your system to your specific requirements
3. Or, take it easy and check out GivEnergy storage packages on the Segen customer portal

Find out more about GivEnergy here and if you’re already a Segen customer find out more about this great deal on the portal news page here.

GivEnergy Storage Free Delivery.