Fossil Fuel Use Plunged on Christmas Day!

Reliance is an odd term. In a Covid-19 era, we’ve come to rethink it, changing the way we see the world. Things that we banked on haven’t held up, and we’ve had to adapt to survive. And similarly, with growing environmental strains, our energy supply is one of the areas of society that is due a rethink.

And that’s what we’ve all been gearing towards for decades now. Our entire industry is pinned on moving us away from fossil fuels and that reliance, and towards a green future. So it’s great news that the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels hit an all-time low over the festive season!

In fact, only 6% of our fuel on Christmas Day came from fossil fuels, which seems incredible considering just 10 years back, that figure was 53%. We’ve also managed to keep the trend going of having a ‘Coal-Free Christmas Day’, which first happened in 2020! So however you tucked into your mince pies, you joined the nation in transitioning towards Net-Zero at the same time. Not a bad result, eh? 

You can take a look at some of the Drax Electric Insights here and see how the energy landscape changes day-to-day. But what’s most exciting for installers is that the trend isn’t about to slow. It’s set to be a busy year, but we’re always on hand to help you navigate. 

From our freshly updated guides, or the brand new SolarEdge Energy Bank, we’ve got everything to help your business make the most of the market.

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