EV Charging Solutions

EV Charging is a growing force. By 2030 in the UK, it is expected that all new cars sold will be electric.  With the increasing number of incentives to drive an electric vehicle (EV) – plus the falling prices and rapidly developing technology – now is the time to switch to an EV and invest in a charge point for your home or workplace.

At Segen we are continuously reviewing the market to bring you the best in standalone chargers, integrated PV solar charging systems and EV charger add-ons for existing PV systems.

Our range of residential and light commercial chargers from the best suppliers in the global market are available at competitive prices with the usual Segen benefits.  Find out more about our products below:

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Still unsure?

There’s plenty of reasons to switch to EV Charging, but we’ve distilled some of our top ones here:


  • Cheapest way to run a car, with increasing savings over time.
  • Convenient home charging, whenever you need it.
  • Add value to your home, for now and tomorrow.
  • Secure thousands in saving from Government grants by acting now.
  • Drive your family towards a greener future