Esdec Joins Segen portfolio





Esdec has been supplying mounting systems for solar panels since 2004 for both flat roofs (with FlatFix) and pitched roofs (with ClickFit). With over 15 years of experience and more than 7 GWP installed capacity with their systems, they are a leading player, operating worldwide.

Esdec was founded by installers. As a result, convenience for the installer is always the priority in the design of their products. No other company on the market for mounting systems invests at a similar scale in innovation, R&D and patented technologies. By integrating the input from professional installers immediately into their designs, Esdec managed to develop a number of the most popular mounting systems on the market. Read more here


Why choose Esdec?

We’ve summed up 5 reasons why our customers love Esdec. If you’re considering your next Solar mounting solution, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team.


  • Quick & Easy installation, designed by installers.
  • Streamlined components, using the minimum required.
  • Works on all roof types.
  • Safe, reliable & durable.
  • Online calculation tool to check required materials.


Want to buy Esdec Products?
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