Reduced costs for pallets and bulk deliveries begin on the 1st May 2024.

Delivery Prices Slashed – AGAIN!

Late 2023 we dropped delivery prices, and now we’ve done it again!

We are pleased to announce, not 6 months after the last reduction in shipping prices, that we’ve been able to cut our customer’s costs further.

Of course  our customers want the best value, and now they have it – cheaper delivery costs no matter where you are in mainland UK (not including the Highlands, islands, and Ireland).

Delivery Costs Slashed - AGAIN!

Reduced National Fixed Rate
No matter where you are, you all pay the same, £40 for a standard pallet and £55 for oversized – Note: This does not include the Highlands, Islands, or Ireland.

Reduced Large Order Cap
Now it’s only £220 for deliveries over 1,500kg – whereas previously it was £280 for deliveries over 3000kg.

This means you would pay £220 instead of £280, saving between £20 – £110 on the delivery with no limit to pallet quantity. 1,500kg is roughly 6 pallets worth of panels/kit.

This new pricing is effective from the 1st of May 2024 so huge savings can be made straight away!

Delivery Costs Slashed - AGAIN!

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