AIKO Generation 2 ABC Modules

Next-Generation High-Efficiency N-type ABC Solar Modules from AIKO.

The evolution of AIKO has begun.
From the first-generation module launch in early 2023, AIKO introduces the second generation of its super high efficiency ABC modules that have high power output, innovative partial shading optimization, and high temperature restriction.

AIKO Generation 2 ABC Modules

We are thrilled to launch our latest ABC modules, which represents a significant leap forward in solar energy technology,” 

Chen Gang

Chairman, Chairman

What’s the Difference?
The GEN 2 N-type ABC (All Back Contact) modules are slightly bigger with a higher output and efficiency and better microcrack resistance.

The silicon wafers keep the same attractive full black appearance – there are no lines on the front due to all back contact technology.

ABC – All Back Contact Technology

The ABC structure optimises energy capture by removing the metal grid lines that obstruct sunlight and placing them on the panels’ reverse.

The degradation ratio and temperature coefficient remain the same as Gen 1.

High Power Output
AIKO modules consistently have the highest efficiency than any other modules in mass production hovering around 23.5%.

Partial Shading Optimisation
The innovative partial shading optimisation function allows users to maximise energy production even in challenging shading conditions.

Testing by TÜV Nord showed that with only one solar cell fully shaded, AIKOs ABC modules can generate 30% more power compared to traditional technology.

High Temperature Restriction
Additionally, the second-generation ABC modules provide a critical benefit of high temperature restriction, ensuring lower module temperature and reduced fire risk, particularly in shaded environments, thanks to AIKO’s technology innovation.

AIKO Generation 2 ABC Modules

AIKO Solar
Founded in 2009, solar panel manufacturer Aiko Solar is headquartered in China. It’s renowned for developing and producing cutting-edge photovoltaic (PV) technologies, including pioneering N-type cell technology. Additionally, Aiko is a prominent producer of solar wafers – circular discs of high-purity silicon material. A testament to its innovative approach, Aiko Solar’s ABC Black Hole Series was recently honoured with the 2023 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

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