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Renusol’s RH Flat is a one-stop roof hook that saves time and resources.

Released earlier this year the RH Flat roof hook from Renusol’s VS+ pitched roof range has become an essential piece in the solar PV puzzle for many installers and here’s why:

• Stronger: Fewer hooks are needed. There’s a 41% reduction in the number of roof hooks needed (compared to the UK plain tile HL roof hook), depending on the wind and snow load.

• Adjustable: The arm can be set to 5 or 11 degrees by simply turning the base plate 180 degrees, and it’s adjustable in height, which can be set to 25.6mm, 31mm or 38.2mm.

• Flexible: due to the optimised base plate and lower height of 23.5mm and a narrower width of 58mm.

• Simplified installation: fewer spacers are needed, particularly useful when working on uneven roofs.

• Seamless: Compatible with narrower roof trusses and thinner tiles


The initial outlay is a little more than for other hooks but benefits outweigh this further down the line as fewer hooks are required so labour costs are reduced saving the costliest resource!

Also, they’re more adjustable than others, so they’re more suitable for differing roof types (they fit seamlessly on roofs with smaller battens and tiles) so you don’t need to carry as many different configurations.

About Renusol

Renusol GmBH has been active in the solar market since 1997, they specialise in the manufacturing and sale of PV mounting systems for roof-integrated, rooftop and flat-roof installations. Their headquarters can be found in Cologne, Germany. However, the company has business in all parts of Europe, as well as in the Middle East and Africa.

Renusol make mounting for all types of roofs and you can find solutions for pitched, metal, and flat roofs, in stock and ready to ship now!

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